Project Marketing

At Global Ventures, we offer a wide array of project marketing services for our developers' partner. Our vast database of residential real estate buyers & investors helps us to reach the targeted audience to give our partner developers' the results their project deserve. With our well-defined Project Marketing Process backed by result oriented sales team and advance technology we are the GO-TO-CREW, we have been the Most Preferred real state consultants for some of the most reputed real estate developers.

Our Project Marketing Process

  • Understanding Project
  • Market Analysis
  • Developing Sales Strategies
  • Connecting with Channel Partner
  • Preparing Potential Buyers Database
  • Pitching the Project with Right Communication Strategy
  • Scheduling Site Visit
  • Finalising the Transaction with the Developer

Buying or Selling

Buying a dream home is an exciting and complex adventure. It can also be a very time-consuming and costly one if you're not familiar with all aspects of the process or don't have all the best information & resources at hand. Buying a house is the biggest investment you will ever make. So, whether you're buying a starter home, your dream home or making a real estate investment, Global Ventures will help you keep this adventure of yours very exciting with our solutions & options while simplifying the complex process by providing you the complete real estate consultancy.

When it comes to buying and selling property, we guide our clients across all markets. Our services are designed to help maximise the value proposition you get from our developer partners, and to help you in every step of the transaction process.

We, with our developer partners who are some of the most reputed real estate developers get you the most exiting deals that you will cherish forever.

Real Estate Asset Management

Investment in Real Estate is a valuable asset. So, we focus on maximizing a property's value of our clients for investment purposes.

Real estate could be an individual buying a plot of land or a corporation investing in office buildings. Or, it could be investor buying undervalued homes, renovating and selling the same at an appreciation. A lot of tax and legal consequences and real estate operational factors are involved, which is where our real estate asset management solutions become paramount.

Investing & Managing a real estate investment presents challenges that do not exist in capital markets. Property faces the risk of damage, tends to deteriorate over time, and often takes a decidedly more complex process to buy and sell. We concern ourselves with mitigating risks and promoting valuable improvements. We also help you navigate the complex legal and tax rules governing investment property.

Our Real Estate Asset Management will help you to make informed decisions related to real estate asset management.


Our Real Estate Consultancy services are backed by decade of experience analysing demographic, economic, lifestyle, and real estate market trends. We provide trusted, unbiased recommendations to our clients that enable them to take correct decision regarding their real-estate investments.

Each day our team gains a deeper understanding of demand conditions for real estate, supplying clients with crafted investment strategies or development solutions to capitalise on that knowledge base. Our Expertise can help you to model where value growth will occur, which markets are undersupplied, what product niches are emerging, and how real estate assets can be enhanced and de-risked at every point in the economic cycle.

We at GLOBAL VENTURES Facilitate ALL aspects of Real Estate

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